wireless temperature transmitter with external antenna used in temperature management system
WTX-275-EXT Wireless Temperature Transmitter with Extended Range.
May 8, 2024
wireless temperaature management system for food and pharmaccy vaccine fridge monitoring
Temperature Management System With 4G
May 9, 2024
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Temperature Management System With WiFi

$289.00$660.00 exc GST

  1. Fully configured and operating with subscriptions for Year 1 included. No hidden costs


    The system is comprised of one or more WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitters and a GW-100-WiFi Gateway which carries the data to the Hygeian Server over the internet via yjr on-site WiFi enabled Router. Up to 120 such 915 MHz battery powered wireless temperature sensors can be handled by one GW-100-WiFi gateway.

    Choice of Wireless Temperature Transmitters

    There are two verions of the WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter:

    • WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitters.
    • These are normally used in fridges, freezers and rooms. These transmitters have an internal antenna and work well up to 500m in open areas. Once they are inside metal encased fridges or freezers, we recommend the WTX-275-EXT for distance of over 50m in buildings with brick and steel construction.
    • WTX-275-EXT Extended Range Wireless Temperature Transmitters
    • These transmitters are the same as WTX-275 but they have an external antenna that provides about 6dB gain allowing them to work at longer distances from the Gateway. Choose these for distances over 50m in buildings.
    The TMS-WiFi system purchase includes the following services to make it as easy as possible to implement an effective Temperature Management System
    1. WTX-DAT-ANN data access subscriptions for each of the the WTX-275 for their first year of operation.
    2.  Full configuration of the Hygeian Temperature Management System by our in-house staff.
    3. A large pool of Alarm SMS’s for each of the WTX-275’s purchased

    First view this video on the Hygeian Temperature Management System  and then see below how to order:

$289.00 exc GST
$299.00 exc GST
$660.00 exc GST

Planning the Temperature System

  1. Select a location for the gateway:  Choose a location that:
    1. Is suitable for typical office equipment.
    2. Is generally central to the temperature points.
    3. Has a permanently available power point within 2m of this location.
    4. Is within range of the WiFi network on site.
  1. Count up the number of Temperature Points to be monitored.
    1. For each of those within 50m of the gateway choose the WTX-275
    2. For each of those that are 50-100m from the gateway choose the WTX-275-EXT

You now have sufficient information to order the Temperature Management System with WiFi.

Ordering the Temperature Management System

  1. Add a GW-100-WiFi gateway to  the shopping cart.
  2. Add the required number of WTX-275 units to the shopping cart.
  3. Add the number of WTX-375-EXT units to the shopping cart.
  4. Checkout and pay.

Commissioning Your Temperature Management System.

  1. Send an email to ian@hygeian.com.au with the name, email address and mobile number of the person who will be the administrator of your system at enterprise level and on site.
  2. Hygeian will send an invite to that email address and mobile number.
  3. Accept the invite and complete the form.
  4. Once that is done, Hygeian will set up the user authorities for that person so they can log in and operate the system, once it is set up on site.
  5. Please note that the connection to the WiFi netowrk on site should be done by someone who is familiar with setting up a Hot Spot and who also has access to the on-site WiFi Router SSID and Password.

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