WCP-CS7820D Digital Turbidity Probe with RS485 Modbus; Infrared 90° Beam
September 9, 2019
WCP-CS7832D Digital Turbidity Probe. Infrared 135° Beam
September 9, 2019
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WCP-CS7833D Digital Turbidity Probe: Double Beam Infrared

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The WCP-CS7833D Digital Turbidity Probe communicates with our various turbidity Monitor/Controllers in the WCM-T4000 and WCM-T6000 series. It will also connect to a SCADA system that has a standard RS485 Modbus RTU interface plus the supply voltage. This probe has a  double infrared precision beam with detection angles of 90° and 135° respectively. This increases the usable range of turbidity from 0.01 to 4000NTU with a minimum detectable value of 2 NTU  It is used in applications including rivers, lakes and environmental protection where greater range and accuracy are required.

Model NO. WCP-CS7833D
Power/Outlet 12VDC/RS485 MODBUS RTU
Measure methods 90°+135°infrared double beam
Dimensions Diameter 60mm* Length 254mm
Shell material PVC+316 Stainless Steel
Waterproof grade IP68
Measurement range 0.01-4000 NTU
Lower Limit 2NTU
Accuracy <measured value±2%
Pressure range ≤0.3Mpa
Measuring Temperature 0-45℃
Calibration Standard fluid calibration, water sample calibration
Cable length Standard 10m cable, can be extended to 100m
Installation thread 1 inch
Application General applications, rivers, lakes, environmental protection,etc.



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Angle of Coverage

135, 180°, 90°