Dissolved Oxygen Meters Australia

Do you work in aquaculture, environmental monitoring or aquariums? Maintaining optimal levels of dissolved oxygen in water is critical for the health of aquatic ecosystems. If you’re searching for accurate yet economic dissolved oxygen meters in Australia, we have what you need.

Contact us today for reliable, cost-effective  and accurate water quality monitoring instruments for a wide range of applications, including water treatment plants, fish farms, environmental analysis, and more for water quality testing.

Dissolved oxygen concentration can vary widely in different applications and we have a range of probes to suit including the DO in wine, DO in pure water and in rivers, lakes and environmental areas.

Note that to simplify ordering, Meascom has standardised on certain probe features that can be set up to suit our monitors and controllers. We standardise on:

Pt1000 temperature sensors for measurement and temperature compensation

10m cable length

crimp pin terminations

Alternatives are noted in each specification sheet

Dissolved Oxygen Meters For Sale in Australia

Whether you’re looking for portable handheld devices for field testing or benchtop testers for lab-based analysis, we have something for everyone. Our range includes devices with varying capabilities, such as automatic temperature compensation, salinity, pressure adjustments, and data logging features to support many industries.

Our WCM-T4042 Dissolved Oxygen Monitor and Controller is a microprocessor-based oxygen meter and a water quality monitoring and control instrument. You can monitor and control the dissolved oxygen value widely used in power plants, petrochemical industries, mining, water treatment, and more.

Water Oxygen Level Tester in Australia – Reliable and High-Performing

The WCM-T4042 Dissolved Oxygen Monitor and Controller offers a colour LED display, two relay control questions, intelligent menu operation, a password protection function, a manual or automatic temperature compensation system, and more. 

With stability at constant pressures and temperatures, we wrap our state-of-the-art technology in sturdy, waterproof and shock-resistant exteriors, offering long-lasting service even in challenging environments. You don’t need to stress about your testing process because we make it easier. 

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Meascom’s mission is to offer high-quality, reliable instrumentation to improve your business processes 

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