Pharmacy Management Systems

Hygeian offers Pharmacy Management Systems that are marketed by Meascom.. These systems are quick and easy to deploy in pharmacies and medical practices and are fully maintained by Hygeian as part of the rental subscription.

The temperature monitoring system is fully preconfigured by Hygeian, so when it arrives on site, it is simply a matter of placing the WTX-275 in the medication fridge and powering on the gateway which can be located anywhere suitable in the pharmacy

Purchase of the Cloud-based Pharmacy Management Systems hardware includes the subscription for temperature monitoring for the first year plus detailed reporting. You can include the following capabilities:

  • Staff activity checklists.
  • QCPP Checklists
  • Staff training system.

Hygeian will assist you in setting up your system to work effectively for you.

You can pay your subscriptions month by month or annually and cancel at any time.