July 10, 2024

Cost Effective Industrial Temperature Measurement Australia

Cost Effective Industrial Temperature Measurement – Australia Meascom stocks popular, cost effective, reliable type J and type K thermocouple and Pt100 RTD temperature probes for industrial temperature measurement. We also stock non-isolated and isolated temperature transmitters with and without HART protocol. Shop here Thermowells can be supplied with the ordered probes. The standard stocked thermowells have process connection and probe connection of 1/2″BSP but other connection fittings sizes are available. Probes are fitted with terminal blocks when no transmitters are installed. When 4-20mA outputs are required, the blocks are removed and hockey puck style transmitters are installed. Thermocouple Probes: Lengths from […]
April 29, 2024

Hygeian HACCP Food Safety Management System Setup

Hygeian HACCP Food Safety Management System Meascom has teamed up with Hygeian to market their HACCP and Food Safety Management Systems. When setting up complete Hygeian HACCP Food Safety Management System on one or more sites, there is an easy 5-step process to go through with guidance from Meascom or Hygeian team members. Follow this process and you will achieve exceptional results If you only wish to purchase the Hygeian Food Temperature Management System then click here: Hygeian Food Temperature Management System The 5 Step Process Here are the 5 steps in the process Initial consultation which is free of […]
April 4, 2024

pH and ORP Monitoring in Water Quality Management

pH and ORP Monitoring pH and ORP monitoring play critical roles in assessing and maintaining the health of aquatic environments. pH, or potential of hydrogen, measures the acidity or alkalinity of water. ORP, or oxidation-reduction potential, gauges the oxidizing or reducing power of a solution. Both parameters provide valuable insights into the chemical composition and stability of water.. This makes them essential for ensuring optimal water quality management and ecosystem health. Understanding pH and ORP Monitoring pH monitoring serves as a fundamental indicator of water quality. pH influences chemical reactions, nutrient availability, and biological processes in aquatic ecosystems. ORP, on […]
April 4, 2024

Industrial Signal Isolation Enhances Safety and Reliability

Industrial Signal Isolation In industry, signal isolation is critical for maintaining seamless communication and data integrity. With many different pieces of equipment in use in industrial environments separated by distances and operating off different supplies, isolating signals is vital  in safeguarding sensitive equipment, enhancing reliability, mitigating risks and ensuring safety of personnel. Here, we review signal isolation in industrial settings, exploring its many benefits. Industrial Solutions for Isolating Signals Industrial signal isolation solutions serve as the backbone of reliable communication and data transmission in industrial environments. These solutions encompass a range of techniques and devices designed to electrically separate input […]