spx100 wireless food temperature probe
SPX-100 Wireless Food Temperature Probe
December 16, 2023
gw-100 gateway used in temperature management system
GW-100-4G. Gateway with 4G Internet Connection.
December 19, 2023
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GW-100-WiFi. Gateway with WiFi Internet Connection.

$660.00 exc GST


The GW-100-WiFi is a gateway that receives the packets from WTX-275’s and SPX-100’s, collates them, stores them temporarily, constructs a paylad which it uploads to the Hygeian cloud-based server, via the on-site WiFi network.

If any of the packets are set to “Immediate” mode, they are uploaded immediately.

If the packets are all set to “Continuous” mode, they are collated and uploaded once per minute as a single string.

The GW-100-WiFi connects to the local WiFi network to access the internet. There is an inbuilt mini webserver in the GW-100-WiFi firmware that is accessed through setting up a hot-spot with a specific ID and password. Once the Gateway is accessed, the user can enter the actual WiFi SSID and passphrase and then the GW-100-WiFi will restart and access that WiFi network

The GW-100-WiFi is powered by a 12V plugpack, supplied with the gateway. It has internal lithium batteries that will allow it to contnue operating for up to 9 hours without mains power. So, the GW-100-WiFi will continue to process the packets received and transfer them provided the WiFi router remains connected to the internet. If the router goes offline, the GW-100-WiFi will store the received data packets and transfer them when power is restored.

There is no data transfer charge using WiFi.

This gateway has a 3 year warranty and there are no ongoing connection charges.

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