About Us

Meascom’s mission is to provide high quality, reliable instrumentation that enables companies and individuals worldwide to improve their processes and operations and thus achieve their business objectives.

The range of products marketed by Meascom combined with Ian’s expertise and excellent reputation in process control and electronics make Meascom a formidable force in the instrumentation world and the ideal partner to rely upon for the best solutions to your instrumentation and electronics problems.

About our Founder

Ian Schmahmann, the Managing Director and founder of Meascom, has a wealth of experience in designing manufacturing and supplying electronic products for a wide range of industries and organisations.

As the founder of Mann Industries in 1985, Ian successfully grew the company from its humble beginnings to one of the leading instrumentation manufacturing companies in Oceania. Approximately 19 years after it was founded, Mann Industries was purchased by Weidmuller who were looking to rapidly expand their range of instrumentation products.

Ian then focused on remote monitoring and worked with several companies to develop products for them that reported on the internet. Ian also holds the position of Technical Director at Wave Industries Pty Ltd.

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