Warranty Policy

All products manufactured by Meascom or its subsidiaries carry a one year warranty on parts and labour based upon the following terms and conditions. 

  1. This warranty commences from the date of despatch of the item unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. This warranty does not cover the misuse or abuse of the product. 
  3. Meascom reserves the sole right to determine whether a repair/replacement shall be carried out under warranty or shall be chargeable. If in Meascom’s opinion, the product has been used in a way that has caused damage or premature wear and tear to the product, the repair or replacement shall be to the customer’s account.
  4. Meascom’s decision in the matter is final and will be based upon its examination of the product both visually and electrically.
  5. Irrespective of whether a product is determined to be repaired under warranty or not, the freight costs to return it to Meascom must be borne by the sender.
  6. If a product is determined to be repaired or replaced under warranty, Meascom will pay for its return to the customer.

Returns Policy


This policy covers the returns of product both for credit and for repair to a destination authorised by Meascom.  All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorisation form with an Authorised Return Number filled in. See the procedure below.

This policy forms part of the conditions of sale of all products supplied and or manufactured by Meascom.

Meascom does not control the return policies of its distributors or resellers.

Return for Credit 

Meascom prides itself on maintaining excellent relationships with its customers and distributors. You may return products for replacement or full credit within 30 days of despatch under the following circumstances:

  • If the product arrives damaged. You must report this damage together with photographs within five business days of the product’s arrival.
  • If the product has been incorrectly ordered and is in its original packaging, unopened and undamaged.

If you return product within thirty days and you have opened the package, it becomes incumbent upon the Company to test and repackage the product before returning it to stock. In these instances, provided that the product is in its original condition and the packaging is reusable, we will charge a restocking fee. The restocking fee is set as follows:

  • 25% of the list price for items with a list price higher than A$200
  • A$50.00 for items with a list price of greater than A$100.00 and up to A$200.00
  • A$35.00 for items with a price of between A$50.00 and up to A$100.00
  • Items with a list price of less than A$50.00 are not accepted back into stock unless unopened and undamaged.

The restocking fee is in place to cover the cost of administration and the labour of retesting the product and returning it to stock. In this case you will be credited with the amount you paid less the freight costs less the restocking fee. You must arrange to return the product yourself.

Meascom reserves the right to refuse to accept a product return for credit if:

  • it is suspected that the product has been damaged by using it incorrectly.
  • More than thirty days have elapsed since the date of shipment.

Determination of Eligibility for Warranty Claim

See the Warranty Policy for details of eligibility.

Return for Repair 

Meascom will maintain and support the products we manufacture. We will also provide support for those products we resell that are not manufactured by us. We will perform front line repairs on those products where possible but we will pass the products on to the manufacturer or their authorised service centres for repair where necessary.

Whilst Meascom does not control the time taken for those repairs or set the repair cost or policy of those manufacturers, we will endeavour to see that the repairs are performed timeously and to a good standard.

To simplify the repair procedure, Meascom has set a general rule for repair costs where the repair is performed by us. All repairs and replacements are subject to GST (except for exports) which is not included in the prices quoted.

  • Replacement. Meascom Products which are not under warranty and fall into the following two categories will be replaced at your cost:
    1. Products with a list price of less than A$200.
    2. Products that are determined by the Company to be unrepairable due to age or damage.

A replacement will be charged at the current price that the customer would pay if ordering a new unit. The unit that is to be replaced will be returned to the customer with the replacement if requested. Where the old product is no longer sold, the replacement unit will be the current version.

Repairs of Products and Cost of Repair

Products with a list price of greater than A$200 may be returned for repair.

The cost of technician time for repairs is currently set at A$120.00 per hour in half hour increments of A$60 with a minimum of 1 hour.

The cost of parts will also be added to the repair bill.

We will advise you if the repair cost will exceed 50% of the current replacement list price. If you decide not to replace the item and not to continue with the repair, we will return the product to you as it is and bill you for the time spent and costs incurred by us up to that time including return freight costs.

The hourly technician’s rate may change and whilst every reasonable endeavour will be made to keep this site posted with the current rate, it may vary. We will advise you of that rate by email if we are required to estimate or carry out a repair.

Products that have been repaired will be held until payment has been received via our ecommerce site in full including freight costs if our freight forwarder is to be used.

Return Authorisation Procedure. 

  1. Please download a repair form from the Meascom website (click here)
  2. Complete the form and scan it and email it to repairs@meascom.com.au
  3. Within 2 business days you can expect a return email with a return authorisation number issued.
  4. Carefully pack the product to be returned and send it to the Meascom head office using your own freight account. Please note that Meascom does not pay for the freight inwards under any circumstances and if we receive a parcel and are required to pay for it, we will hold that product until the freight costs have been reimbursed to us.
  5. Once the parcel reaches Meascom it will be examined by our Goods Inwards Inspector who will advise if the parcel is not in an acceptable state.
  6. Once the parcel has been accepted into our store, we will advise on its repair status as follows:
    1. If it is repairable under warranty we will either repair it or replace it with a new product, depending upon its list price.
    2. If it is repairable but no longer under warranty, we will advise the estimated cost of the repair before proceeding. 
    3. Please note that we can only estimate repairs until we know the exact problem and the final cost is based upon time spent and parts used.


Freight Inwards Cost

Irrespective of the reason for a return, the freight costs to carry the goods from their current location to the authorised Meascom destination shall be borne by the sender and not by Meascom.