HHT-1805 commercial food safety thermometer
HHT-1805 Commercial Food Safety Thermometer
September 29, 2019
HHT-CH200 Chlorophyll Handheld Tester
HHT-CH200 Handheld Analyser for Chlorophyll
October 12, 2019
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HHT-BG200 Handheld Analyser for Blue Green Algae

$4,167.00 exc GST


Principle of Measurement
The portable blue-green algae analyzer consists of a portable host and a portable blue-green algae sensor. It utilizes the characteristic that cyanobacteria has absorption peaks and emission peaks in the spectrum. Monochromatic light emitting a specific wavelength is irradiated into water, and cyanobacteria in the water absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light, releasing monochromatic light of another wavelength, blue. The light intensity emitted by green algae is proportional to the content of cyanobacteria in the water.

Widely used in on-site portable monitoring of blue-green algae in industries such as aquaculture, surface water, scientific research universities and other fields.

1、Portable host IP66 protection level
2、Ergonomic curve design with rubber gasket, suitable for hand-held operation, easy to grasp
in humid environment
3、Factory calibration, no calibration required in one year, can be calibrated on site;
4、Digital sensor, easy to use and fast in the field, and plug-and-play with portable host.
With USB interface, it can charge the built-in battery and export data through USB interface.


  • Measuring range: 150—300,000cells/mL (Range can be customized)
  • measurement accuracy: 1ppb Rhodamine WT dye signal level corresponding to ± 5%
  • Linear R2 >0.999
  • Housing material
    • Sensor:SUS316L
    • Electronics:ABS+PC
  • Operating temperature 1to45℃
  • Blue-green algae sensor size: diameter 24mm * length 207mm. Weight: <0.25KG
  • Portable main unit size: 203*100*43mm. Weight: 0.5KG
  • Protection level
    • Portable host IP66,
    • blue green algae sensor IP68
  • Cable length:  Standard 3 meter cable (can be extended)
  • Display: 3.5-inch color display screen with adjustable backlight
  • Data storage: 8G data storage space