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SPX-100 Wireless Food Temperature Probe

$380.00 exc GST


The SPX-100 wireless food temperature probe is designed for checking food temperatures. It requires no Bluetooth pairing because it transmits on the Hygeian 915Mhz network to the local GW100 gateway. The SPX-100 temperature can be displayed on the live dashboard, where it can be manually recorded. Normally, however, it is used used in conjunction with the Hygeian Spot Checking Checklists to record and report food temperatures. The checklist is displayed on a device such as a tablet, phone or laptop. This type of Spot Testing Food Checklists are included in the purchase of the SPX-100.

Users can set up their own checklists or use the checklists provided by Hygeian.

View the Hygeian’s Food Temperature Guide here to use as a convenient template for setting up your checklists. You can also have it sent to you as a laminated page for placement in your kitchen. Request the laminated A4 version

Meascom can also supply suitable tablets for interacting with the Hygeian Food Safety, Waste Management and Food Spot Checking Lists.

Speak to our friendly experts about setting up your Food Temperature Management Program using the SPX-100 Wireless Food Temperature Probe.

Application Overview:

  • Handheld with pushbutton to measure and transmit temperature.
  • The SPX-100 mounts in a WTX-RCP magnetic receptacle when not in use
  • Internal diploe antenna
  • Works with all GW100 gateways.
  • Distance in building interior: up to 100m.
  • Distance up to 500m in open line of sight.
  • Up to 120 WTX and SPX series transmitters can operate with one GW100 series gateway.
  • Additional gateways can be deployed to provide increased coverage.


  • Input 1: Internal Pt100 sensor class B +/-0.3oC
  • Input 2: 3-way jack socket suitable for Pt100 terminated in 3.5mm jack plug.
  • Range of measurement: -50oC to +250oC
  • Ambient range: -50oC to +85oC
  • Power: 3 x Lithium AAA cells.
  • Antenna: internal dipole
  • Dimensions Transmitter only: 100mm(L) x 60mm (w) x 23mm (H)
  • Probe dimensions: 130mm x 4mm diameter with 20mm x 2.5mm reduced and sharpened tip
  • Standby Mode: Probe temperature sent once per minute.
  • Immediate Mode: 5 x 68ms packets one second apart sent when button is pressed.
  • Transmit indication: green led flash lasting 68ms.
  • Battery low indication: green led flashes continuously
  • Mounting: receptacle with recess and magnetic retention.
  • Receptacle dimensions: 110mm(l) x 70mm(w) x 7.67mm(h)

Wireless Food Probe in Australia

Designed to check food temperatures, the Hygeian SPX-100 915MHz wireless food probe doesn’t need Bluetooth pairing as it’s measurements are uploaded straight to the Hygeian cloud based Server through the on-site Hygeian GW100 Gateway

Used along with the Hygeian Spot Checking checklist, this helps to record and report food temperatures, which can be displayed on a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Meascom partners with both local and international manufacturers to create unique and effective solutions and products, including wireless food probes. Contact us today to improve your monitoring, control, and analysis capabilities.

Choose SPX-100 Wireless Food Probe For Your Business in Australia

Choosing the SPX-100 wireless food probe avails you to a range of unique benefits, including:

  • High Accuracy and Consistency: The SPX-100 wireless food probe ensures top-tier data precision, making it a reliable choice for your food monitoring needs.
  • Easy Integration: The wireless food probe is easy to use. Food Checklists can be easily created so that the foods being checked can be tied to the measurements made, even by operators with little computer skills.
  • Customisation: At Meascom, we offer customised solutions for unique business needs. We will work hand-in-hand with you to design and develop checklists that work with the SPX-100 wireless food probe to create solutions tailor-made for your specific industry requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: Our wireless food probe adheres strictly to Australian and international standards for quality assurance. We’d never compromise our stringent quality standards – your satisfaction and trust are paramount to us.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite its high-level functionality and robust build, our SPX-100 wireless food probe is affordably priced. We believe that quality doesn’t have to break the bank, so we strive to offer high-calibre products at competitive prices.

The Need for High-Quality Wireless Food Probes in Australia’s Food Industry

Effective monitoring of food conditions is paramount in ensuring food safety and quality control. Environmental conditions in warehouses, distribution centres, and even during transportation may pose a threat to the overall quality of food products.

Handheld with a push-button, the SPX-100 mounts on a WTX-RCP magnetic receptacle when not in use, has an internal dipole antenna, data packets compatible with the WTX-275 wireless temperature transmitters , and has a range of measurement from -50 to 250 degrees C.

SPX-100 provides immediate temperature results  ensuring all your food products are safe to consume and optimal  quality.

Call 0439 741 877 for seamless monitoring and recording of your continuous and instant food products’  temperatures.

Get SPX-100 Wireless Internet Thermometer Devices in Australia

If you need reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions for your industrial instrumentation needs, Meascon can support you with this increasing demand. The SPX-100 wireless food temperature probe is designed to deliver accurate readings without fail, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the temperature conditions in your facilities.

The SPX-100 wireless internet thermometer is useful in environmental monitoring, manufacturing processes, laboratory research, pharmaceuticals, and health care. Contact us today for accuracy and operational efficiency.

Choose SPX-100 Wireless Internet Thermometer For Your Business in Australia

Providing a customer-focused approach, Meascom delivers the best solutions to our clients. Here’s why the SPX-100 wireless internet thermometer stands out as a quality choice:

  • High-Level Precision: Temperature readings that are inaccurate could compromise your processes and result in significant losses.
  • Robust Connectivity: With its superior wireless connectivity, this instrument makes sure that you have round-the-clock access to temperature data.
  • User-Friendly Operation: This instrument is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to intuitively understand, navigate, and maximise its capabilities.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Investing in the SPX-100 wireless internet thermometer offers increased efficiency and improved operational processes.

Wireless Internet Thermometer in Australia – Sustainable Innovation 

Helping you with productivity and business growth, our SPX-100 wireless internet thermometer is energy-efficient design, offers automated power-saving modes, and is a sustainable addition to any process.

Contact 0439 741 877 today for wireless and smart instrumentation solutions for Australian businesses.


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