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WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter.

$289.00 exc GST

Wireless Temperature Transmitters Australia

Are you a food business in Australia seeking a reliable Australia- made solution for monitoring fridge, freezer, room and other process related temperatures? Hygeian’s WTX-275 wireless temperature transmitters combined with the Hygeian GW100-4G or GW100-WiFi gateways are one of the easiest, most cost effective and therefore the ideal solution. Here is why:

  • Easy to Deploy. Up to 120 wireless temperature sensors can work to one gateway
  • Hygeian looks after its customers’ needs with a permanent warranty on all its hardware.
  • Annual exchange of transmitters – calibration and maintenance done for you by the experts.
  • Accuracy and stability.
  • fast updates (once per minute)
  • Intuitive operation
  • SMS and Email alarms to any number of recipients.

Utilising digital technology, our WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter provides accurate and precise measurements. It helps you monitor temperature trends in real-time from anywhere.

Contact us today. Our friendly experts will work with you to specify, configure and deploy a cost effective wireless temperature management system that will transform your record keeping and provide you with realtime data that will improve your efficieny and reduce your labout and overheads.

WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter Summary

The WTX-275 is a state of the art 915 MHz wireless temperature transmitter designed for a wide range of applications especially in the food industry. It has been designed to go directly into fridges and freezers as well as having an external jack plug to accept Pt100 sensors. It can be deployed adjacent to the point of measurement where this is required, such as measuring tank temperatures and the temperature of water in pipes.

Connecting to the Hygeian Cloud Server

The WTX-275, its associated external antenna version WTX-275-EXT and the SPX-100 Food Probe all connect to the Hygeian Server using the GW100 Gateways. GW-100-4G and GW-100-WiFi

The WTX-275 purchase price includes the first year of its annual data subscription and a comprehensive warranty. The System is fully configured for you so there is no technical work required to get the system operating. An affordable annual subscription comes into effect on the first anniversary of the purchase.

For a further explanation watch this Hygeian Food Safety Management System video



Wireless Temperature Management System Overview:

Here is an overview of the features offered by the WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter

  • Mounts directly into fridges and freezers using internal Class B (+/- 0.3oC) Pt100 sensor.
  • Solid construction, suitable for fridges and freezers.
  • The WTX-275 mounts in a WTX-RCP magnetic receptacle.
  • Very easy to deploy. No tools required.
  • Powered by Lithium AAA batteries suitable for freezer temperatures.
  • No interruption to work area when deploying these transmitters.
  • Annaul exchange ensures:
    • your calibration certficates is always up to date.
    • the batteries are fresh.
  • External jack-plug to accept externally mounted 3 wire Pt100 sensors.
  • Internal dipole antenna.
  • Works with all GW-100 gateways.
  • Distance in building interior: up to 100m.
  • Distance in open line of sight: up to 500m.
  • Up to 120 WTX series transmitters can operate with one GW100 series gateway.
  • Purchase price includes:
    • First year’s data subscription
    • Calibration certificates
    • New batteries
    • Comprehensive warranty
    • 720 SMS messages for alarms
    • Unlimited email alarm messages
    • Full preconfiguration of System.
    • Full technical phone support from Hygeian and its distributors.



Here are the specifications of the WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter

  • Input 1: Internal Pt100 sensor class B +/-0.3oC
  • Input 2: 3-way jack socket suitable for Pt100 terminated in 3.5mm jack plug.
  • Range of measurement: -50oC to +250oC
  • Ambient range: -50oC to +85oC
  • Power: 3 x Lithium AAA cells.
  • Antenna: Internal dipole.
  • Dimensions Transmitter: 100mm(L) x 60mm (w) x 23mm (H)
  • Dimensions Transmitter fitted in receptacle: 110mm(L) x 70mm (w) x 28.5mm (H)
  • Continuous Mode: 68ms packet once per minute.
  • Immediate Mode: 5 x 68ms packets one second apart.
  • Transmit indication: green led flash lasting 68ms.
  • Battery low indication: green led flashes continuously

For a complete understanding of the Hygeian System and its full capabilities click on this link.

The WTX-275 transmits to the Hygeian Gateways. You require one WTX-275 for each location you wish to monitor.

  • GW-100-4G gateway with 4G internet connection and SIM card enabled
  • GW100-WiFi gateway with WiFi that must be configured to connect to the local WiFi network on site


Harness the Power of Wireless Temperature Management

Meascom offers state-of-the-art devices that deliver performance cost-effectively The WTX-275 Wireless Temperature Transmitter mounts directly into fridges and freezers is easy to deploy without tools, works with all GW100 Gateways, is powered by AAA Lithium batteries, and doesn’t disrupt the work area.

The data collected can be accessed remotely, allowing you to respond quickly to any significant changes, maintaining optimal operating conditions and ensuring safety standards are upheld.

Without the need for extended cabling, these devices demonstrate their true versatility in complex systems and hard-to-reach places. You can be assured of excellent performance and value.

Why Choose Meascom for Wireless Temperature Transmitters in Australia?

With the number of instrumentation products in the Australian market, why should you opt for Meascom’s wireless temperature transmitters? Here’s why:

  • Efficiency: Hygeian WTX-275 transmitters all have precision circuitry and accurate inbuilt RTD sensors to measure the temperature with a precision way beyond our competitors.
  • Ease of Installation: Your Hygeian WTX-275 transmitters and the associated GW100-4G or GW100-WiFi gateway are already configured and working when you receive them. Just remove the adhesive protection on the receptacle and  place the transmitters in the required locations.
  • Quality & Durability: Our transmitters are manufactured to be fit for purpose with a one year warranty.
  • Permanent Warranty Option: Unique to the Hygeian System supplied by Meascom, we offer a permanent warranty and exchange option. Each year your WTX-275 transmitters are replaced with freshly calibrated and certified ones fitted with new batteries, so you never have to worry about accuracy and calibration.
  • Expert Support: Our dedicated team is on hand to assist. From helping you choose the right product to provide fantastic after-sales service, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Get Wireless Temperature Transmitters in Australia – Call For a Quote

Wireless temperature transmitters make use of radio waves to transmit data from the sensor to the receiver. They can be used in a multitude of situations, from controlling HVAC systems in buildings to maintaining appropriate temperatures in food processing units, chemical plants, and other industries that rely on solid health and safety measures.

Contact our expert team today by calling us on 0439 741 877.

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