gw-100 gateway used in temperature management system
GW-100-4G. Gateway with 4G Internet Connection.
December 19, 2023
Annual exchange annual sub
WTX-PWE-ANN: Annual Subscription for Permanent Warranty and Annual Exchange of a Wireless Transmitter
December 26, 2023
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WTX-DAT-MTH: Monthly Data access for a Wireless Transmitter

$15.00 exc GST


This data access applies to the following wireless transmitters:

  • WTX-275
  • WTX-275-EXT
  • SPX-100
  • WHD-300

Each transmitter requires a subscription which enables the following capabilities:

  • Storage of data for two years.
  • Access to the Temperature Dashboard
  • Access to Trending and History
  • Access to the Alarm features and settings.
  • Up to 12 Emailed alarms per day, and 150 emailed alarms per month.
  • Up to 6 alarm SMS text messages.
  • Automatic Weekly and Monthly temperature reports.


  1. The Hygeian transmitters and gateways must already be on site and functional before subscribing for data access.
  2. The SPX-100 Spot Checking Wireless Transmitter requires an active subscription HYG-SYS-01M or HYG-SYS-01Y to set up complete food temperature spot checking records.
  3. The Continuous Temperature Monitoring System and Hot Water Safety System operate alongside the Paperless Food Safety System, and will therefore function with or without an active HYG-SYS-01M or HYG-SYS-01Y subscription.
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