September 7, 2019
ORP Monitor
WCM-T4000 pH/ORP Monitor and Controller in 98 mm x 98 mm Format
September 8, 2019
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A field mounted field configurable two wire pH Transmitter suitable for a wide range of industries

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WCM-T2000-PH Two-Wire pH Transmitter With Display

This transmitter can be fitted with different types of pH electrodes. It is widely used in power plants, petrochemical, metallurgical electronics, mining, paper industry, biological fermentation engineering, medicine, food and beverage, environmental protection water treatment, aquaculture, modern agricultural planting and other industries.The pH (acid, alkalinity) value and temperature value of aqueous solution are continuously measured, transmitted and displayed.



  • Intelligent menu operation
  • Automatic calibration functions
  • Manual and automatic temperature compensation
  • With password protection to prevent unauthorised use.


Technical Parameters

  • Measuring Range:
    • pH:0-14pH;
    • Temperature:0~100.0℃;
  • Resolution:
    • pH:0.01pH
    • Temperature:0.1℃;
  • Basic Error:
    • pH:±0.02pH
    • Temperature:±0.3℃;
  • Stability: pH:≤0.02pH/24h;
  • Current Output: 4~20 mA (load resistance<750Ω);
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Pipe mounted
  • protection grade: IP65;
  • Weight: 0.6kg;
  • Working environment:
    • Working Temperature:-10~60℃;
    • Relative humidity: no more than 90%;