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UNC-C702S Temperature and Industrial Signal Calibrator

$595.00 exc GST

A handy and robust calibrator suitable for industrial sites and testing in the laboratory. Covers thermocouples, RTD, Resistance, Volts and milliamps. Source and measures. Complete with test leads, usb charging lead and protective case

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The UNC-C702S is a handy, accurate calibrator that covers all the popular thermocouples, Pt100, mA, mV and Volts in one compact and easy to use instrument. It has a big backlit display and buttons that work well even when using gloves.

You can set it to any value using the up down buttons or set it to automatically step or ramp between values.

Complete with test leads, usb charging lead and carry case.

The UNC-C702S is delivered with a factory calibration certificate that shows the measured errors on all ranges.

Inputs and Outputs:

  • Thermocouples: E, J, K, T, N, B, R, S. See Spec sheet for details of ranges
  • RTD: Pt 100 -199°C to 650°C
  • Resistance: 15 – 400 ohms
  • DC Voltage
    • 0-24.00 mV
    • 0-100.00 mV
    • 0-15.00 V
  • DC Current:
    • Variable source: 0.00 – 24.00 mA
    • Stepped source: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20mA
    • Variable sink: 0.00 – 24.00 mA
    • Loop Power: 16 V, 24 V  Limited to 24 mA
  • `Operating temperature :-10~55℃,
  • Operating humidity: 20~80% RH
  • Battery: Lithium 7~10hour continuous operation from full charge
  • Comes with 5V/1A Power adapter for recharging and operating off mains
  • Dimensions: 115 mm*70 mm*26 mm