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August 27, 2019
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DMM-ET-928 Digital Moisture Meter

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A professional moisture meter used in the building and maintenance industries for checking the moisture content of a wide range of materials.

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The DMM-ET-982 is an easy to use professional instrument for measuring the moisture content of building materials including raw timber, sawn timber, cardboard, paper, plaster, concrete and mortar. Its wide range of measuring capability makes it a very useful instrument for builders and inspectors to carry with them onto work sites.

Notable Features are:

1:Big LCD display with backlight

2:Replaceable electrode pins

3:Simultaneous measurement of moisture & temperature

4:Analog bar and digital display values at the same time

5:Wide range of materials can be checked for moisture.


  • Electrode length: 8mm
  • Electrodes: replaceable
  • Moisture range
    • wood:1~70%
    • building materials:0.1~2.4%
  • Temperature Range: 0~50 C/32~122F
  • Moisture Accuracy:
    • wood :030%;1%   3060%;2%   6070%;4%
    • other materials: 0.5%
  • Auto Power Off: After 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Ambient Humidity: 0-85%