Water Quality Testing

April 4, 2024

pH and ORP Monitoring in Water Quality Management

pH and ORP Monitoring pH and ORP monitoring play critical roles in assessing and maintaining the health of aquatic environments. pH, or potential of hydrogen, measures the acidity or alkalinity of water. ORP, or oxidation-reduction potential, gauges the oxidizing or reducing power of a solution. Both parameters provide valuable insights into the chemical composition and stability of water.. This makes them essential for ensuring optimal water quality management and ecosystem health. Understanding pH and ORP Monitoring pH monitoring serves as a fundamental indicator of water quality. pH influences chemical reactions, nutrient availability, and biological processes in aquatic ecosystems. ORP, on […]
November 1, 2019

Dissolved Oxygen Levels In Rivers and Lakes

Dissolved Oxygen Level in Rivers and Lakes Oxygen is required by all animals. Aquatic animals get their oxygen from the tiny amounts that are dissolved in the water. When testing the water quality in a healthy lake or river that supports fish and other aquatic species, dissolved oxygen measurements (DO) normally ranges between 5mg/l and 14mg/l. Below 5mg/l aquatic animals start to die, so it is very important to keep the dissolved oxygen high enough for the animals to survive. Some species of fish require higher levels of DO. Rainbow trout cannot survive levels of less than 8mg/l so they […]
October 28, 2019

A Water Quality Testing Instrument for Blue Green Algae

At Last an Electronic Water Quality Testing Instrument for Blue Green Algae We have all heard about Blue Green Algae but in these days of drought and hot weather, vigilance is more important than ever. Technology has also just come to the aid of those charged with the responsibility of maintaining and testing bodies of water for the presence of blue green algae with the release of a new instrument from Meascom. What is Blue Green Algae? Despite the name, blue-green algae are a type of bacteria. They are a naturally occurring component of freshwater environments. They are also an […]