WCP-CS3740 Conductivity Probe for General Use with High Conductivity Liquids
September 14, 2019
WCP-CS3733 Conductivity Probe for High Temperature and Very Low Conductivity Range
September 15, 2019
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WCP-CS3732 Conductivity Probe for High Temperature and Low Conductivity Range

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Applications and Probe Description

The WCP-CS3732 Conductivity probe is especially useful for clean, pure water with low conductivity. It can handle temperature up to 80 °C and has a body and electrodes of 316 Stainless Steel. Pt1000 is the standard temperature compensation sensor fitted. NTC10K and Pt100 can be provided on request. The cable termination is crimped pins as standard.


  • Measuring Range:0.01μS/cm – 200μS/cm
  • Two poles, Electrode constant: K=0.1
  • Electrode Material: 316L
  • Temperature:0℃-80℃
  • Pressure Range:0 -0.3Mpa
  • Temperature Sensor:
    • Pt1000 (Standard for this probe)
    • NTC10K and Pt100 are alternatives
  • Installation Thread: NPT 3/4″
  • Cable Length:
    • Standard 10m
    • Alternative Ordering lengths: 5m 15m 20m
  • Cable termination:
    • Crimped Pin terminates each cable
    • Alternatives: BNC, tinned wire or Y split wires.