WCP-CS1729 pH Probe for Seawater Applications
September 10, 2019
WCP-CS1701 pH Probe for Common Water Quality Applications
September 11, 2019
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WCP-CS1733 pH Probe for Strong Acids, Bases and Chemical Processes

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Application: Strong Acids, Strong Bases and chemical processes


  • pH range: 0-14pH
  • pH zero point: 7.00±0.25
  • Temperature range: 0-90℃
  • Pressure resistance: 0.6MPa
  • Temperature sensor:–
  • Case material: PP
  • Membrane resistance: <600MΩ
  • Reference system: Ag/AgCl/KCl
  • Liquid junction: Porous ceramics
  • Electrolyte solution: 3.3M KCl
  • Double Salt Bridge System: Yes
  • Connection thread: NPT3/4’’
  • Temperature Sensor:
      • Pt1000: (Standard)
      • NTC10K and Pt100 are alternatives
  • Cable Length:
      • Standard 10m
      • Alternative Ordering lengths: 5m 15m 20m
  • Cable termination:
      • Standard: Crimped Pin terminates each cable
      • Alternatives: BNC, tinned wire or Y split wires.
  • Contact our friendly sales dept to determine the best model number to order from us.