WCP-CS1737 pH Probe for Concentrated Hydrofluoric Acid
September 11, 2019
WCP-CS1753 pH Probe for Strong Acids, Bases and Chemical Processes
September 11, 2019
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WCP-CS1700 pH Sensor for Common Water Quality Applications

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The WCP-CS1700 pH Sensor is used in applications such as clean water, rivers, lakes and environmental protection

It has no temperature compensation so is more suited for applications which are close to neutral where the temperature makes little difference to the measured value.


  • pH range: 2-12pH
  • pH zero point: 7.00±0.25
  • Temperature range: 0-80℃
  • Pressure range: 0-0.3MPa
  • Temperature sensor: No
  • Case material: PP+GF
  • Membrane resistance: <500MΩ
  • Reference system: Ag/AgCl/KCl
  • Liquid junction: Ceramic cores
  • Electrolyte solution: KCl
  • Double junction: Yes
  • Connection thread: NPT3/4”
  • Cable length: 10m or customized
  • Cable termination Pin, BNC or customized

The following Sensor is the standard model for this range:

  • No temperature sensor
  • 10m cable length
  • Crimped Pins termination.

If you require modified cable length or connector style, please contact us.


Additional information
Cable Length

10m, 15m, 20m, 5m

Cable Connector

BNC, Pin Header, Threaded Tin screw, Y Insert

Temperature Sensor

NTC10K, NTC2.252K, PT100, PT1000