April 5, 2024
Isolator single channel
FSI-602-2C Four Wire Signal Splitter and Isolator
April 18, 2024
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Signal Isolator Single Channel Four Wire

$199.00 exc GST

This is a signal isolator single channel: 4-20mA input, 4-20mA output

Exceptionally low drift.

DIN Rail mounted.

18-32Vdc supply

High Accuracy, digitally based


This signal isolator is a single channel version configured in four wire format.

The power terminals are isolated  from the input and output ports.

The output is sourced.

• Dielectric strength (leakage current 1mA, with test time of 1 minute):

≥1500VAC (between input/output/power supply)

• Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ (between input/output/power supply)

• EMC: EMC conforms to IEC61326-3

• Power supply: DC 18-32V (typical value 24V DC)

• Full-load power: 0.6W

Signal Isolator Single Channel Specification
•Standard input signal: 4-20mA Into 100 ohms

Other signal types may be customized as required:

Standard  output signal: 4-20mA into 0-550 ohms

Other output signal types may be customized as required:

• Two and Three Wire Sesnor Supply:

  • >23V at full load
  • <26V at no load

Accuracy of isolated transmission:

±0.1%F∙S (25℃±2℃)

• Temperature drift: 40 ppm/℃

• Response time: ≤0.5s

Signal isolation is extremely important in industry where various devices are interconnected but may be separated by some distance and in fact may be in different parts of the plant. Consider the safety issues that arise where some piece of plant is being worked on by an electrician and could potentially be exposed to high voltages from electrically powered pumps etc.

By passing the measured signal across a barrier, there is no direct connection between the input and output. The signal is transferrd magnetically or optically across the barrier.

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