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August 23, 2019
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August 27, 2019
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CTP-IR-90 Combined Infrared and Thermocouple Temperature Probe

$109.00 exc GST

A compact handheld instrument for measuring surface temperature using infrared and deep food temperature using the thermocouple probe. Designed for the food industry.


The CTP-IR-90 is a combined Infrared Thermometer and Thermocouple Temperature Probe in one convenient and compact package designed for the food industry. With the Infrared part you can measure frozen foods and surface temperatures such as cooking oil.. The thermocouple probe allows you to measure the inside temperatures of foods to ensure that they are at the right internal temperatures for Food Safety and HACCP Compliance.

Range: IR -35~330℃ / -31~626℉
Thermocouple: -20~260℃ / -4~500℉
Accuracy: IR: -50~0℃/-58~32℉:±4℃ 0~330℃/32~626℉:2% OF ±2℃/3.6℉
Thermocouple: -20~260℃ / -4~500℉;1% OF ±1.5℃/2.7℉
Optical Resolution: 4 :1
Emissivity: Adjustable: 0.10~1.0
Resolution: 0.1℃(0.1℉)
IR Response Time: less than 250ms
Spectral Response: 8~14um
Thermcouple response: 10 seconds
Polarity Display: Auto display, “-” indicates negative, while positive with no sign.
Automatic Power Off: Meter shuts off automatically after 20 seconds
Operating Temp.: 0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉)
Storage Temp.: -20℃~60℃(-4℉~140℉)
Relative Humidity:
Operating:10 to 95%R;
Storage:less than 80%RH
Power Supply: CR2032 3.0V battery
Weight: 100g
Dimensions(L*W*H): 151*41*20 mm